Video: Hot new Android tablet taking North Korea by storm


A new promotional video about a North Korean tablet called Achim went viral on YouTube on Tuesday, racking up a whopping 231 views by 8:00 p.m. The hottest gadget in Pyongyang weighs merely 300 grams and is receiving rave reviews from trendy youths. Achim features the Android OS and “many applications.” The slick promotional video was first noted by, which is a strangely addictive site in a sad, geeky sort of way.

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Brian Cooley: No Windows Needed For Newest Computers

CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – As the PC industry sunsets into niche status over the next few years, we are getting a look at what’s next: Computers, yes, but ones that feel more like mobile devices.

At the big Computex electronics expo going on in Taiwan this week, Acer and Asus — the #4 and #5 computer makers — showed off new computers that either don’t run Windows at all or don’t run it exclusively.

[worldnow id=8955966 width=480 height=360 type=video]

The Asus Transformer Book Trio is a 11.6″ Android tablet that can dock to a keyboard to complete a Windows 8 laptop or you can dock the keyboard part to any external monitor to create a Windows PC.

Switching between the operating systems — and tasks on the fly — is said to be seamless but that will be the key part of this product if its going to be…

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LG Product Review!


Product: LG L5 II

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

l5 II

Review: L5 II’s 5-megapixel camera produces excellent images. The autofocus function is extremely helpful and I am absolutely happy with the quality of the photos. The images are smooth and the colors are vivid considering that it’s only 5 megapixels. I also like the built-in photo editor because it allows me to add various effects to my photos immediately. Definitely two-thumbs up for L5 II’s camera!

Hands-on with the Dell XPS 11: meet Dell’s answer to the Lenovo Yoga (video)

Andijack News

Just a short while ago we brought word that Dell had quietly announced the Dell XPS 11, an 11.6-inch Ultrabok with a hinge that folds all the way back into tablet mode, with the keyboard disabled after it passes 180 degrees. Yep, it is what it sounds like: a direct strike at Lenovo’s Yoga convertibles. As we said in an our earlier report, it won’t actually be available until the holiday season, but fortunately we just had a chance to get hands-on with a prototype unit here at Computex. So, we’re prepared to share a few first impressions, even though certain minor details like price and specs have yet to be finalized. Meet us below for the full preview.

As this early stage, Dell can’t comment on certain particulars, like what processors the XPS 11 will have, or how much RAM will come standard. But it has committed…

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Smart Hygiene


A healthy lifestyle is of paramount importance, and LG’s home appliances can make that easier to attain. The LG GR-J237AGXV refrigerator ensures food and beverages are kept fresher for longer with its air purification feature and 4-step filtering system that removes dust, fungi spore, bacteria and odour; the True Steam Front Load washing machine offers an allergy Care Cycle that kills allergens and mites in the laundry with 100 degrees Celsius steam; and the MJ3281BC microwave oven employs the latest lightwave technology and Charcoal Lighting Heater for healthier and more convenient cooking.

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