Quick Guide to LG’s Optimus L5 II

Just last May 18, I went to LG’s grand 1-hour sale and I was very lucky to have been able to buy my all-new Optimus L5 II at a very low, discounted price. I’ve been exploring my new phone for a little over a week now and I am definitely getting my money’s worth. There are three main things I look into when it comes to cellular phones: aesthetics, functionality, and camera quality. 

l5 II


The Optimus L5 II is very handy as it is light and easy to carry around. Design-wise, L5 II employs a very clean, elegant, and sleek make. The 4” touch screen is very sensitive and the quality of its graphics is crisp and sharp. The screen’s brightness is easily adjustable for indoor and outdoor use. The screen itself is a bit reflective making it a nifty and make-shift mirror.


Features and Functionality

My favorite feature would have to be Quick Memo. In a nutshell, Quick Memo is a unique feature that lets you scribble freely on your screen. It can easily be activated by pressing the quick button found on the side.


 This feature is very interesting especially for a person like me who enjoys doodling during spare time. But at the same time, it’s also very useful whenever I’m in a rush to note things down. Because the quick button is very accessible, I’m able to jot down details in an instant. In order to get a better idea of how the feature works and how it looks like, here are a few of my Quick Memo scribbles.


Aside from the Quick Memo feature, I also like the LED light feature. The LED light feature is really simple. The home button lights up in different colors, each color pertaining to a specific notification (i.e. red for new messages). Even from afar, I already know if someone’s calling me although the screen remains unreadable. When in a meeting or in class, I know which notifications can wait and which are urgent. But aside from its functionality, I also think that the LED light feature adds a bit of color and life to the phone’s aesthetics. The colors used are quite hipster and they contrast the white/black hard case perfectly.


In terms of applications and downloads, just like any other smart phone, the L5 II already has Twitter, Facebook, browsers, and email applications for internet savvy individuals. What sets the L5 II apart from other brands, I guess, is its safety function. If turned on, the safety function will authorize your phone to send your location via messaging given certain conditions. Personally, this feature isn’t exactly crucial, probably not even important for some, but it’s quite assuring to have this function as safety back-up especially when commuting. You’ll never know when it might actually come in handy.


Camera Quality

There’s nothing really special about the camera. Although the camera is at 5MP, the quality is not as crisp and as clear as the L5 II graphics, but the images produced are at par with the photos other smart phones can generate. The L5 II camera needs adequate lighting in order to produce good photos. Poor or deficient lighting will render the photos very grainy. The camera is a bit sensitive. For a person like me with shaky hands, it was a bit hard to take clear, accurate photos. But this isn’t a big issue because the camera flash fixes everything. From my experience with other smart phones, the camera flash usually decreases camera quality. However, with L5 II, the camera flash makes the photos incredibly smoother and nicer to the point that I prefer always having it turned on.

The gallery, unlike in many other brands, allows you to delete photos simply by swiping or dragging the photo upwards. It also has a handy undo button just in case you accidentally delete a good photo. I like this feature because it’s very convenient for lazy people like me. Instead of taking time to mark many photos or deleting each one individually, I just swipe the photos upward and they’re automatically deleted.

The L5 II is only a little over 7,000 pesos. This low price is very reasonable, if not cheap. Compared to other brands, L5 II’s price is comparable and even a bit lower to some, but the features and qualities are practically the same. I would highly recommend this 4” android mobile phone to people who want a good quality smart phone but are on a budget.